Marty’s got a moon🌛 movie 🎥 and a cool cover of an Irish ☘️ classic to watch…


The Who frontman Roger Daltry has revealed he’s currently producing a film based on the life of his former bandmate, the late, great Keith Moon.

Marty has all the details…


According to Rolling Stone, Daltrey, has been collaborating with the CEO of the untitled Moon film’s production company, Da Vinci Media Ventures. The movie will reportedly cover the drummer’s crazier side. Known for antics like swinging from restaurant chandeliers and flushing explosives down the loo, Moon bacame notorious for his off-stage behavior as much as his performances onstage. He died at age 32. In a recent interview with BBC 6 , Daltry confirmed the production had now hired a screenwriter.

Daltrey told Rolling Stone that Moon’s drumming was one of the key factors of the Who’s early sound. ‘It was quite apparent from day one when Keith Moon joined the band. Every piece of music we played up until then was different immediately after Keith joined. The chemistry changed, and it was quite clear from day one.’

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