11 Out Of 500 Death Threats To Gardaí ‘Critical’


Gardaí are dealing with over 500 live threats to life in Dublin – 11 of them are critical.

The city’s most senior Gardaí says huge resources are being used to monitor the ongoing threats.

There are 522 live threats to life in Dublin city right now according to the Assistant Commissioner for Dublin Pat Leahy.

Of those 11 are critical, 171 substantial, 136 moderate, 110 low and 43 are being assessed. 10 of the 11 critical threats are in the north central division – which is home to members of the Hutch family.

Pat Leahy says critical is pretty significant and means you are in real danger – and protecting these lives requires huge resources.

There have been 52 murder attempts in the last two years alone – most linked to the Hutch/Kinahan feud.

But it isn’t the only dispute in Dublin – with Gardaí also monitoring significant feuds in Finglas, Ballymun and Ballyfermot.