Black Star Riders.. UPDATE!



Last week on Radio Nova’s Rock Report, we had Ricky Warwick on the show talking all things Lizzy and Black Star Riders.

(Ricky told me he nicked the new band’s name from a line in western movie “Tombstone”)

New to who BSR are? Well, they’re Thin Lizzy

This band are embracing social media in a big way!

All set for Studio Update Number 14!?


At the moment the boys are ensconced at producer Kevin Shirley’s place in Malibu, mixing the album, the results of which we’ll hear in May.

With some live shows annouced for BSR for the summer, Ricky says he hope they’ll visit Ireland again before the year is out and while he wouldn’t tell me the name of the new album when we spoke, one of the tracks off the album is called “Bound For Glory” …

Bet ya a tenner that’s the name of the album too!

If  I’m right, you read it here first. Naturally.