34 New Covid-19 Confirmed Today With 3 Deaths


34 new Covid-19 cases have been confirmed by health authorities here today. 3 more people with the virus have also lost their lives.

Latest figures show there have now been 25,730 confirmed covid 19 cases, after a further 34 were recorded today.

The death toll since the virus broke out here in late February stands at 1,752, after 3 more people died.

Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ronan Glynn says COVID-19 is extremely infectious. It wants to spread, but it needs people to come into contact with each other to do so.

The top public health official says it now depends on the actions we take as individuals, as to whether this virus gets an opportunity to spread through our communities and he’s urging people to continue to follow the public health advice, know the risks, know the symptoms and stay safe.