52 Years Ago Jimi Hendrix Performed Live In The UK For The First Time With Cream


Today marks 52 years since Jimi Hendrix performed live in the UK for the first time, where he was accompanied by Cream in 1966. Following the gig, Eric Clapton claimed that Hendrix “blew everyone’s minds” with his performance, stating: “I was actually privileged to be (on stage with him)… it’s something that no one is ever going to beat; that incident, that night, it’s historic in my mind but only a few people are alive that would remember it.”

Hendrix, who is widely regarding as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, served as an inspiration to legendary bands including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Who. The musical icon, who critics claimed “could get more out of an electric guitar than anyone else”, had a hugely successful career, known for top hits including ‘Hey Joe’ and ‘Purple Haze’. The musical icon passed away at the age of 27 in 1970 but his legacy still lives on.

Just one week after Hendrix’s manager Chas Chandler brought the star to the UK, Jimi Hendrix was given the opportunity to jam with Cream at Regent Street Polytechnic London in 1966. Reflecting on the performance, Eric Clapton said: “We got up on stage and Chas Chandler says ‘I’ve got this friend who would love to jam with you.’ It was funny, in those days anybody could get up with anybody if you were convincing enough that you could play. He got up and blew everyone’s mind. I just thought ‘ahh, someone that plays the stuff I love in the flesh, on stage with me.’

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