7 Of The Best Netflix Documentaries To See Out ‘Dry January’


Getting through January can be one of the toughest challenges we face in the New Year as you see that Christmas credit card build and witness your mates falling off the social scene.

But instead of wallowing away in a corner, you can now enjoy some of the greatest documentaries of our time from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll be hangover free, remain pocket friendly and totally enthralled by Netflix’s offerings, check out our top seven documentaries you need to watch this month…


Former New York congressman, Anthony Weiner, has a camera crew document his efforts for a political comeback following his disgraced profile in the aftermath of his Twitter sex scandal. The documentary is more than what the former politician bargained for though as it may just be that he has more skeletons lying around…

Five Came Back

The three part documentary series is based on a book by Mark Harris, which explores the contributions made to the war effort by five American film makers during the second world war. Meryl Streep narrates the series as Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Paul Greengrass, Guillermo del Toro and Lawrence Kasdan analyse the work of the five war directors. Trust us this is surprisingly entertaining!

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

Jim Carrey stars in this mind blowing doc which shows behind the scenes footage from his cult movie, Man In The Moon, detailing how he immersed himself into surrealist prankster, Andy Kaufman for the film. When you consider Carrey’s current status in society, his thoughts about life are incredibly compelling as he details his journey.

Best of Enemies

This 2015 documentary may sound like a montage of old TV clips, nonetheless, you will actually find an abundance of relevant cinema works from the likes of Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon. It runs through political debates between William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal during the 1968 Republican and Democratic National Conventions.


This documentary couldn’t be as relevant as it is in today’s current climate with the relative stance between NFL and Donald Trump over ‘taking the knee’. It’s a Netflix original, named after the 13th amendment of the US Constitution which explores the United States history and relationship with racial inequality. It runs through the prison system and inequality in the twenty first century and it has even won a Critic’s Choice award for Best Political Documentary!


The Keepers

So, this one is a seven part series, where Netflix explores ‘true crime’ in the 1969 unsolved murder of nun and school teacher, Cathy Celnik, linking accusations to priests at the school and tries to uncover a web of deceit. The documentary speaks with former students, and those still searching for answers. You NEED to see this one.

Brother’s Keeper

Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky created this epic which also centres around true crime surrounding four elderly brothers. The catch though, is that one of them may have been murdered by another. As compelling as you’re going to get!

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