7 Things You Should Get Up To Before The Sun Disappears


So the sun is shining bright in the sky, however, we’re Irish and therefore slightly cynical when it comes to the weather forecast.

Slightly could be mistaken for extremely, but we just can’t help ourselves and to be fair the only time the weather was consistent recently, was when it snowed for almost a week AFTER winter!

But look, there’s no point in crying about it – it’s time to enjoy the sun for the full three or four days we’re bound to have it!

Here’s seven things you should get up to while the sun is out…

  1. Head straight for the nearest shop dishing out 99s
  2. Make it your mission to get to the beach. It’ll be overcrowded no doubt but this week could be our summer!
  3. Have a picnic in the park – all the trimmings.
  4. Head to the nearest lake and feed the ducks.
  5. Head on a walk/hike – Bray to Greystones, Howth Cliff Walk, Ballyhoura Trail… there’s so many.
  6. Make an outdoor cinema – it’s excellent craic, especially with a crew.
  7. Enjoy a barbecue – the best excuse for friends, family and a few beers.

Sun, 7 Things You Should Get Up To Before The Sun Disappears