An Absolut Brunch For Body & Soul

An Absolut Brunch For Body & Soul
Absolut stage at Body & Soul

We’re all set for another weekend soaking up the beautiful festival air of Body & Soul in Ballinlough Castle, County Westmeath.

And what’s the best part of the gig? Well the Absolut stage and brunch of course!

Taking place on Saturday June 23rd and Sunday 24th, the highly anticipated annual brunch will be from 12-2pm both days by the Absolut bar.

We’re sure you’ve heard, but it’s renowned worldwide as the ‘vodka with nothing to hide’ and 2018 will see Absolut partner with Body & Soul to once again create a breathtaking three day showcase of music and theatre that captures the essence of the ‘Swedish Midsommar’.

Dished out on a first come, first served basis, the Absolut Brunch is no exception; revellers at the summer solstice festival can expect to enjoy a casual but delicious brunch bap washed down with one of two expertly crafted cocktails – the reinvigorating Absolut Espresso Martini or the brunch classic Absolut Bloody Mary.

Often considered the very hub of the Body & Soul festival adorned with awnings and the iconic Absolut Maypole, the bar will also be serving a selection of innovative mixed drinks all weekend long, including some brand new cocktails soon to be revealed!

The diverse lineup for the Absolut Stage was announced earlier this month and is set to pay homage to extraordinary acts with respected DJ & music producer, Arveene at the helm. Highlights this summer also include: Ashley Beedle, Hifi Sean, Jonjo Jury, Bon Voyage, Le Boom, Kelly Anne Byrne and Fish Go Deep to name a few.

Jump on this now – and hopefully, we’ll see you there!