AC/DC Speak About Future With Axl Rose


AC/DC have spoken recently about the future of the band and whether or not they see Axl Rose continuing with them. In a new interview they spoke about how the tour is going.

Speaking to Germany’s NDR Angus Young said “He [Rose] is doing very well,” adding that “I mean, under the situation that we had, it was very good that he volunteered and said, ‘Hey, if I can help, let me try.’ So he’s been very good. And he had to learn a lot of songs very quickly, and he’s done a great job.”

Bassist Cliff Williams was also interviewed by NDR and he said “He’s done a fabulous job” before saying “And he’s almost out of his chair now. He’s mobile, and he’s enjoying himself. It’s been really good.”

The AC/DC duo continued with Young saying “His leg’s repairing,” adding that “So each show we’ve been doing he’s been getting up and moving around a lot more. So it adds more to the show.”

When asked if Axl Rose will remain with the band after their tour, the AC/DC members said “We were committed to finishing this tour, so that’s been our main goal. And Axl helping us….I know he’s very excited; he keeps saying, can he do more? ”

They finished by saying “We don’t really know at the end how we will go from here. But we wanna get this tour, which we were committed to doing, we wanted to finish what we started.” 

Photo Credit: Dena Flows