Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

Here is what some of our biggest advertisers have to say about advertising with Radio Nova and the success they have seen through radio. We work on a win-win basis; we win when our advertising clients see results from our campaigns.

“We used Radio Nova and the reason is because of the flexibility we get. The professional service that we get from Radio Nova is second to none. I would certainly recommend for any business to look at advertising with Nova.”
Brian Walsh, General Manager, Charles Hurst Used Direct

When it comes to radio marketing, no one else comes close! Radio Nova is at the top of the game, taking radio to a whole new level. I don’t know what their greatest asset is, the unbelievable amount of consumer excitement generated by their concepts or their ability to know exactly how to tweak an idea to deliver the added something that makes a campaign successful. CRN delivers and our ROI proves it, time after time.”
Brian Walsh, General Manager, Charles Hurst Used Direct

“We couldn’t have asked for better results or for a more innovative company to work with. CRN was exceptional in their handling of all the details and truly delivered a turnkey marketing solution.”

“With CRN, we were exposed to a different way of buying radio. We never thought there was something as unique as what they put together for us using station personalities. They exposed us to another creative way to say the same thing, but they made it real. Compared to normal radio spots, we really felt the difference.”

“Having worked with CRN many times, we know and trust that they can execute at an unparalleled level, given even a short timeframe. The results continue to prove successful.”

“CRN has consistently proven themselves to be great go-to guys whenever we’ve needed to deliver a cutting-edge radio element to an overall marketing plan.”