Aerosmith Bassist Leaves Tour


Tom Hamilton has jetted back to the US due to illness.

He leaves his bandmates in Australia, where they will complete their final two shows with Dirty Angels’ David Hull, who has stepped in as a last-minute replacement. He will play in Brisbane on Wednesday and then in Melbourne on May 4. The band are currently touring to support their Music From Another Dimension album, released in November last year.

Aerosmith are due to play in Manila, the Philippines on May 8 and Jakarta, Indonesia three days later. It is understood that Hamilton will return to the tour once he has recovered from a chest infection, but it has not known when.

Hamilton was forced to take a hiatus from touring in 2006 while recovering from throat cancer, a problem which reared its head again in 2009.

He has previously stated that he requires his throat to be looked at by a doctor every 2-3 months.