AGSI Mandate Gardaí To Police Biden Visit ‘Under Protest’


The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors has mandated its National Executive to take a number of actions over the continued Garda rosters dispute.

Gardaí will NOT take industrial action during the US president’s visit next week – but say co-operation for future VIP visits is not guaranteed.

The 150 delegates present have agreed to co-operate ‘under protest‘ next week, and to protest on one day of action every month until August.

The threat of ‘blue flu‘ remains, involving garda members ringing in sick on the same day.

Following a lengthy address by General Secretary, Antoinette Cunningham to the 150 delegates attending its Annual Delegate Conference today in Salthill the following mandates were issued:

  • Cooperating under protest for the visit of the President of the United States next week and without future guarantees on cooperation on further VIP visits.
  • Four protest Days of Action, to continue to highlight health, safety and welfare concerns around the Rosters issue.
  • A mandate that individual members have indicated their withdrawal of labour on a particular day if a resolution is not found and the dispute continues to escalate.

Antoinette Cunningham said:

The conference also agreed that the above actions would be set aside if meaningful internal negotiations take place on Rosters.”