Alice Cooper Launches Another Bid To Become US President


Alice Cooper has launched another bid to become US President.

The musician has set up an official AliceForPresident website, as well as a short video, outlining the reasons why he should be elected.

This is not the first time that Cooper has pulled such a stunt, having previously launched fake bids to become US President and UK Prime Minister.

In 2020, Cooper launched a campaign slogan: “I can do nothing as well as they can do nothing”. The rocker also launched simultaneous bids to become US President and UK Prime Minister in 2016.

If elected in the UK, Cooper had promised to  “get Brian Johnson back in AC/DC” and “rename Big Ben as Big Lemmy”. 

“absolutely no idea what to do”

In his latest bid, Alice Cooper had this to say.

“Well, I’m Alice Cooper, and I’m a troubled man for troubled times,” he stated. “I have absolutely no idea what to do, so I should fit right in”. 

Fans can even sign up for this campaign for updates. They can also buy ‘Super Tuesday’ t-shirts.

However, we all know that this is a charade, as Alice Cooper is far from the political buff.

Back in 2022, Alice Cooper said during an interview that “rock and roll and politics do not belong in the same bed together”.

“I don’t ever talk politics… I hate politics, I don’t think rock and roll and politics belong in the same bed together, but a lot of people think it does — because we have a voice, and we should use our voice”, he said at the time. More on that here.

This campaign is not so much based on any political aspirations as opposed to promoting Cooper’s upcoming ‘Too Close For Comfort’ Tour, which kicks off in October, and will see him head over to Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and London.

Cooper will also be joined at these shows by Sex Pistol’s guitarist Glen Matlock. More on this from Nova here.