All Together Now Announce Brand New Arcadia Additions + AVA Stage


Last year at All Together Now, Arcadia celebrated their tenth anniversary by staging the ARCADIA AFTERBURNER – a mesmerising, fire breathing stage show with 20-foot flames.

This year, Arcadia are expanding their presence at All Together Now. In addition to bringing back the AFTERBURNER, they have lots more up their sleeves this year, for the second chapter.

This year they will be adding another unreal production – LORDS OF LIGHTNING ‘THE DUEL’  and they’ll be opening Arcadia’s very own festival pub, The Tow & Hitch.

First up, The Arcadia Afterburner, an immersive 360-degree installation that has rocked crowds from Burning Man to the Dalmatian coast and from New Zealand to Glastonbury.

At its heart is a flaming spire that houses the DJ booth and shoots fireballs above the crowd as light radiates outwards to a ring of flaming trees. Raised platforms spiral into the crowd creating multi-level dynamics and allowing the crowd to dance on the structure itself, balancing intense intimacy with a powerful sense of monumentality.

This fun extends to KIDS too. The full spectacular of the Arcadia will take place on Sunday from 18:30 – 19:30 just for the little ones – THE ARCADIA KIDS RAVE.

Brand new to All Together Now is the spectacular LORDS OF LIGHTNING ‘THE DUEL’ Fusing jaw-dropping science with spellbinding spectacle, the Lords of Lightning harness four million volt bolts of white-hot electricity into exhilarating performances.

A titanic battle fought with searing shards of lightning, The Duel is an extraordinary union of fluid human movement and the volatile power of electricity unleashed where The Lords appear locked in battle. The shows are magnetic, fusing wide eyed wonder with spine tingling physicality and draw crowds in their thousands from Miami to Macau to marvel at the seemingly impossible.

Arcadia is the fantastic brainchild of scrap metal sculptor Pip Rush Jansen and engineer Bert Cole. Pip and Bert met in Ireland 11 years ago and, whilst here, hatched a plan to create a bespoke installation to challenge festival convention.  Thus, award winning art collective Arcadia was born. Since its inception, hundreds of thousands of people have danced around, under and over Arcadia’s incredible, eye-popping installations across four continents.

Arcadia’s Pip Rush says, ‘John Reynolds was a huge inspiration and support to us and we really hope we can support the festival in becoming everything that he dreamed that it would be. Come and have a pint with us in the Tow and Hitch pub, have your senses fried by the Lords of Lightning and get involved with the craziness of the Afterburner late-night shenanigans. All Together Now is one of the best festivals we’ve ever been to and it’s only going to get better.”