Allegations Continue To Pile Up Against Noel Clarke


Further allegations of sexual misconduct have been made against Noel Clarke from his time on BBC series Doctor Who. Clarke starred on the show from 2005 to 2010. His co-star John Barrowman has also been accused of exposing himself whilst on set.

Clarke continues to be embroiled in controversy after his show Viewpoint was cancelled last week, after 20 women alleged sexual harrassment and bullying against the actor/producer.

The allegations included unwanted sexual contact, harrassment and bullying.

Following these accusations, ITV pulled the plug on the final episode of Viewpoint, while Sky suspended production of his other show Bulletproof. They also dropped the 45 year old from future projects.

Clarke “vehemently” denies these allegations. But, he did say this, “some of my actions have affected people in ways I did not intend or realise”.

New allegations against Clarke

From 2005 to 2010, Noel Clarke played technician Mickey Smith on the BBC Series Doctor Who.

He is now facing allegations from multiple women that he sexually harrassed them while on set and at promotional events. One women who was a driver and runner for the show said she complained about Clarke’s behaviour to the director. As a result, she was put on different duties.

An unamed actress also claimed that Clarke touched her inappropriately. She also claimed he made sexual remarks about her.

A costume designer who worked with Clarke on Series 1 of Doctor Who claimed that the actor harrassed her in his trailer.

Other runners and actors from the show have alleged similar sexual misconduct claims against Clarke during filming for Doctor Who.

This includes one woman who claims that Clarke harrassed her and her co-worker at a work event. This event took place in a bar in Cardiff in the mid-2000s. She claimed that when they rejected Clarke’s “advances”, he became aggressive. She also claimed that Clarke spread false rumours about both women on the Doctor Who set.

BBC Statement

The BBC released this statement.

“The BBC is against all forms of inappropriate behaviour and we’re shocked to hear of these allegations”.

“To be absolutely clear, we will investigate any specific allegations made by individuals to the BBC – and if anyone has been subjected to or witnessed inappropriate behaviour of any kind we would encourage them to raise it with us directly”.

“We have a zero-tolerance approach and robust processes are in place – which are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect best practice – to ensure any complaints or concerns are handled with the utmost seriousness and care”. 

Clarke & Barrowman

As mentioned, Doctor Who co-star John Barrowman who played Captain Jack Harkness has also been accused of exposing himself whilst on set.

As well as telling the Guardian that he was unaware of the allegations made against Clarke, Barrowman said, “With the benefit of hindsight, I understand that upset may have been caused by my exuberant behaviour and I have apologised for this previously”.

“Since my apology in November 2008, my understanding and behaviour have also changed”.

Barrowman called his behaviour “high spirited”. He also added that he “only ever intended in good humour to entertain colleagues on set and backstage”.

This comes after a video recently resurfaced showing Clarke joking about Barrowman exposing himself “every five seconds”.