‘Amadán’ Farage Quotes ‘Sean South’ As Pranksters Catch Out Clown Twice More

Nigel Farage

In a week where he displayed a piggish boneheaded ignorance of Irish life, history, culture and politics on Irish television, the never shy and retiring Nigel Farage has for a THIRD time being caught out by Irish pranksters on social media site ‘cameo’, walking headlong into making dubious remarks of which his apparent ignorance is astounding!!!!

The former Ukip leader was tricked into creating a video message with a thinly veiled Irish Republican message for the third time in as many weeks.

In the latest congratulatory video, which Mr Farage has created on his Cameo account, he wishes the best of luck to an Australian group who are doing the “amadán” fundraiser.

The group’s leader ‘Sean South’ is mentioned in a message from ‘Garryowen’, in a less than subtle reference to the Wolfe Tones rabble rouser ‘Sean South from Garryowen’.

Earlier this week, a group of pranksters had Farage address ‘Gerard‘, in reference to former Sinn Féin president, Gerry Adams and refer to Brighton, where an IRA bomb infamously targeted Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, and her Conservative Party colleagues in 1984.