Amber Heard Claims Ex Johnny Depp Threatened to Have Her Raped

Amber Heard

The High court in London has been hearing today that Hollywood star Johnny Depp threatened to disfigure Amber Heard if she ever left him, while it was also asserted that he often physically attacked her.

Heard said her former husband regularly insulted her, once telling her “I’m going to have to watch you get raped” in the libel trial initiated by Depp against The Sun’s publisher, News Group Newspapers, and its executive editor, Dan Wootton.

Their article branded him a “wife beater” and referred to “overwhelming evidence” that he had attacked Heard, whom he married after meeting in 2015.

Depp denies all charges even as Heard submitted 14 seperate accounts during their relationship when she claims he assaulted her.

The 34-year-old Australian actress said Depp would blame all his abusive actions on a “self-created third person, referred to as ‘the monster’.

She added: “He had a violent and dark way of speaking, the way he talked about our relationship being ‘dead or alive’ and telling me that death was the only way out of the relationship; the way he would describe what he wanted to do to me if I left him or hurt him (for example, carving my face up so no one else would want me).

“His language towards others who he didn’t like or was threatened by (detailing how he wanted to have someone tortured or how cheap and easy it would be to have someone knocked off). He could be very intense and dark.”

Heard said Depp ”demeaned me anytime I tried to wear anything that could be seen as sexy, calling me a ‘whore’, ‘slut’, ‘fame-hungry’ and ‘an attention whore’, but it got worse over time.

“He started saying things like, ‘Well I’m going to have to watch you get raped’ and ‘I hope you get railed by a bunch of fucking fellas’. Sometimes he used racial epithets about the men I would be – or deserved to be – assaulted by.”

In cross-examination, asked about medical notes that referred to her past history of drug abuse, Heard said the records were incorrect.

“I have never had an eating disorder,” Heard said. “I have never been diagnosed with bipolar. I have never had a history of liquor or substance abuse … although both my parents are alcoholics.”