Andrew Watt Calls Ozzy Osbourne Holding 2 BB Guns A “Scary Thing”


Producer Andrew Watt is currently working with singer Ozzy Osbourne on his follow up to his “Ordinary Man” album. Speaking with Marci Wiser at the 95.5 KLOS radio station, Watt was asked to pick his favourite Osbourne anecdote.

Unsurpsingly, there was not many that Watt could repeat “on the air”. He also added that “every day is a story”. 

Andrew Watt started working closely with the Black Sabbath singer, having met his daughter Kelly at a friend’s party. It was there that Watt set the wheels in motion for Ozzy’s collaboration with Post Malone “It’s A Raid”. Check that out here.

“holding two BB Guns is a scary thing”

Andrew Watt went into detail on one of the several crazy stunts he has seen his new friend Ozzy pull.

“During the pandemic, we were making this (new Ozzy) album”, Watt said. “I went over to his house. And he draws. He’s actually a great painter and drawer”. 

Watt continued. “I went over to his house. And he draws. He’s actually a great painter and drawer. So I came over and I came and sat down. He was in the middle of drawing something, and he was using a lot of reds and stuff”.

“So I was just talking to him as he was doing it. And he was drawing a bunch of circles and stuff like that. So he goes, ‘Okay, cool.’ I was, like, ‘Where are we going?’ He takes this big sheet of paper and walks outside with it, in his Ozzy walk, and puts it down in front of a tree. And then he goes, ‘Okay, sit right here.’ And he walks out with two BB guns. Ozzy holding two guns — I mean, anyone holding two guns — but Ozzy holding two BB guns is a scary thing”.

“And the dogs are all in the backyard and everything. He’s, like, ‘All right. Let’s shoot.’ I’m, like, ‘Hold on. Hold on. We’ve gotta get the dogs.’ Me and one of the people that worked there are getting the dogs and [putting] them in the house. And he was shooting targets during the pandemic — he did not miss a single target. You think what you think — he just goes down to do it and, boom, perfect shot. Every single circle he hit — he hit ’em all.

He’s a pretty amazing man”, he concluded.

“Ordinary Man”

This album will be similar to “Ordinary Man”, as it will also feature Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns N’Roses’ Duff McKagan.

Speaking in a separate interview on this album, Watt said, “I can’t say for sure until the end, but I started doing a bunch of basic tracks with Chad and Robert Trujillo [Metallica], who used to play in Ozzy’s band. And Taylor Hawkins [Foo Fighters] also came in and played a bunch on the record as well, which adds a different flair — it kind of harkened back to Ozzy’s ’80s era, in a great way”. 

He also added, “And I think it’s so cool for a rock fan to be able to listen to half an album with Chad Smith on drums, and then you flip it over and you get to hear Taylor Hawkins. And you know, the last album was really special for everyone involved. So there was no point in Ozzy or me doing this again unless we thought we could bring something new to the table. And I feel like we’re achieving that”. 

Ozzy has already confirmed a 30th anniversary reissue for “No More Tears”. More here.