Andy Bell Discusses The Break Up Of Beady Eye


Former Oasis and Beady Eye guitarist Andy Bell, speaks about the demise of Beady Eye claiming Liam Gallagher’s “heart wasn’t really in it anymore.”

The group disbanded a few weeks ago, but Bell has moved on quickly to reunite with his original band Ride.

Liam stated that the band were “no longer” and thanked fans for their support. The split was apparently very amicable and all the former members remain on good terms with each other.

Bell told NME: ”Liam had been pretty quiet for a while, and then he just let us know his heart wasn’t really in it any more. It ended on good terms and we’re all still mates.

“We wished each other the best of luck and it’s all cool. It just sort of ran its course.” Which anyone who heard the ‘Iz Rite’ on the last Beady record would agree with.

The guitarist was asked to comment on an Oasis reunion. ”I have no idea. It would be great – whether or not I was involved.”

Yesterday, British rock band Ride announced they’re reforming for a world tour next year, they’ll stop off in London, New York, Toronto and a few other cities.

Ride formed in 1988, they’re renowned for paving the way for acts such as Oasis and Primal Scream.

They released four albums, 1990′s Nowhere, 1992′s Going Blank Again, 1994′s Carnival Of Light, and 1996′s Tarantula. The band split in 1996 and moved on to other musical projects.