Apple Remains Ireland’s Largest Company

Apple Remains Ireland's Largest Company

Apple is once again Ireland’s largest company with sales of almost €120 billion.

The tech giant dominates the list of 1,000 companies, with only two indigenous Irish companies in the Top 10.

For the second year in a row, the Irish Times Top 1000 Companies has Apple as Ireland’s largest company.


It continues to dominate the listings – due to the fact that it puts all its sales outside of the US through Ireland – with sales of €119 billion.

Staying in the tech sector, Google took second place with its Irish operations growing by over 20% last year – up from €26bn to €32bn.

Completing the top three is CRH – a business which manufactures and supply a wide range of products for the construction industry – on €27bn.

Apart from CRH, the only other indigenous Irish company in the top ten is Development Capital Corporation – or DCC – in eight place.

The rest is made up of global companies which moved their international headquarters to Ireland in recent years.

They include Medtronic, Eaton Corp, Facebook, Microsoft, Allergan and Ingersoll Rand.

Overall, the top 1000 companies reported gross sales of €686 billion, up 10% on last year’s survey.