Coronavirus Restrictions Extended Until May 18th

An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Coronavirus restrictions have been extended until May 18th as confirmed by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar this evening.

He told the nation this evening that open air workers, such as builders, landscapers and roofers, will return to work in two weeks time under new plans being discussed by the Cabinet.

“The last few weeks have transformed our lives in so many ways,” Mr Varadkar said this evening. “As a nation our physical health has been attacked, our mental health battered, our economy eroded. “For me the worst part has been the daily test message with the latest numbers of death and confirmed cases. “We have to extend current restrictions until May 18.”

Meanwhile, older people who have been ‘cocooning’ are advised they can take exercise away from their homes under proposed new coronavirus regulations being discussed at Cabinet.

Over 70s will be told there is a low risk to their health if they exercise from next week but they will be urged to stay in their homes as much as possible.

And the 2km limit on travel and exercise for the wider population will be extended to 5km from next Tuesday.

From May 18th Garden centres, hardware stores and repair shops will reopen and some outdoor sporting fitness activities will be allowed. It will be possible to meet small groups outdoors.

Varadkar says, It has been worthwhile, it is working so let’s finish what we started. 77% of people diagnosed with Covid-19 have now made a full recovery”.

Schools and colleges will open in Sept / Oct

A national protocol is being developed to allow a gradual restart of economic activity while protecting the health and safety of all workers.

The Cabinet held a meeting earlier this afternoon to sign off on the long-term plan to ease the restrictions.

And the Cabinet will meet again in the morning to discuss the restrictions.

The Government’s road map to ease Covid-19 restrictions will set out five stages but will not have specific dates. It will work on two to four week cycles.