Aussie Top Doc Tells Anti-Vaxxers You Will Soon Lose All Privileges In Life

Australia - AMAQueensland - Dr Chris Perry

In Australia millions of Queenslanders who choose not to get the covid vaccine could face hefty fines if they are caught breaching tough new rules banning them from venues.

Unprotected Queensland residents will be slapped with a $1,378 fine (€878.00) if they are caught breaching new COVID-19 health orders

The Queensland Government has also mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for all private health care workers following months of advocacy by AMA Queensland.

Business owners have been urged to call police if they are face with an unruly customer.

Dr Chris Perry, Queensland President of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) discussed what future could unfold for those in the state of Queensland should they forego the option to get a vaccine

He spoke to Channel 9 news in Australia. He has a very foreboding message for those who continue to avoid the option to protect others by getting the jab:

If you’re not vaccinated it’s going to be very, very hard to maintain a job, to be able to go anywhere. People having weddings are going to have to weed out the unvaccinated, the pubs and the clubs are going to have to find out whether people are vaccinated before they allow them in, otherwise their businesses will go bankrupt.”

Nowhere to Hide

Oh they’re crazy not to get vaccinated. Life will be miserable without being vaccinated. You won’t be able to hide. You won’t be to get a doctor to sign off that you got an exclusion because there’s quite set rules on that and doctors will be audited to see every one of their exclusions will be looked at very carefully. They”ll get fined, they could get struck off. The patients who tell lies can be charged with fraud. There’s a whole pile of issues, a whole pile of problems if you try and get around the system.”

Its going to be very hard to maintain your employment if your now vaccinated. You won’t be able to go anywhere for any entertainment.”