Axl: No Classic Guns N’ Roses Reunion


Singer gives rare interview with Adelaide Now.

During the interview, Axl dismissed utterly the idea of a classic Guns N’ Roses reunion, stating that he understood the ‘romantic’ desire by fans for them to perform together again, but said that in the end it was ‘a fantasy.’
“Personally, I haven’t wanted other bands to reunite, or really enjoyed it when they have. For me generally something always seemed missing” said Axl.
“But Guns is my life, not someone else’s,” he continued. “For me there hasn’t been a way to make any type of reunion work regardless of money without jeopardizing what I feel is the well-being and best interests of nearly everyone I’m involved with in the GNR camp (including myself). People here have big investments of their lives in what we’re doing. We’ve worked hard for what we have here now and continue to do so. I know what I went through then. I know what I and all of us have gone through since. People enjoyed the product and the entertainment our lives gave them back in the day, but they weren’t the ones actually living those lives together. It’s not somewhere I’d go back to or would want to go again. Life’s too short.”