Ballybrack FC Claimed Player Killed In Car Crash To Get Match Postponed

Ballybrack FC Death Claim

Dublin football club Ballybrack FC is blaming a rogue member of its management team for pretending a player had been killed in a car crash in order to get a match postponed.

The club’s facing disciplinary action, and the story’s now gone viral.

In a statement issued last night, Ballybrack FC said the person responsible for the false claim made a ‘gross error of judgement’  and has been relieved of all duties at the club.


The official contacted the Leinster Senior League without the club’s knowledge in order to get a match against Arklow Town postponed.

The player himself, Fernando Nuno La Fuente, knew nothing of the scheme either and was in his native Spain at the time.

Ballybrack FC has made contact with the player, who’s accepted an apology.

The Leinster Senior League says it will be dealing with the matter through its disciplinary procedures.