Biden Ahead In Electoral College As Only 6 States Left To Be Called

Biden Ahead In Electoral College As Only 6 States Left To Be Called
All to play for in US Presidential election

On Wednesday morning we awoke to a much tighter fight than expected in the American Presidential election. We also awoke to the current incumbent declaring himself victorious, as reported by Despite the fact that President Trump declared himself the winner and demanded that counting of votes be stopped, the democratic process continued. And now only 6 crucial states remain to declare their results.

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have pathways to the White House if the cards fall in their favour in the 6 battleground states. Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are still counting. Overnight, results and counting have slowed to a trickle. Even Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters at Fox News were not prepared to support his statements that he had already won in these states.

Saying that the count is still too close to call, most media outlets are awaiting the crucial results of Fulton County, Georgia. That county contains the city of Atlanta and its densely populated suburbs. While Donald Trump appears to be slightly ahead at the moment in the count in Georgia, Biden is seen as being the front runner in cities and in the suburbs. The count in Fulton has been stalled until morning in Georgia.


Of the 6 states left to call their results, Biden needs three of them to swing the election, while Donald Trump needs at least 4. At 6 am Eastern Time, Biden had a slight advantage in Nevada and Wisconsin. Trump held a sliver of a lead in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Imporatntly, in thse states, there are still many thousands of votes to be counted. Much of the uncounted vote is in the form of mail-in ballots from around the cities and suburbs. Traditionally, metropolitan areas in those states tend to vote for the Democratic Party.