Billy Idol Is Face Of New York City’s ‘Anti Idling’ Campaign


New York City has chosen Billy Idol as the face of anti-idling. According to a news report in Spin, the idol icon himself is opposed to those of us who leave our cars, trucks or whatever else idling.

Facts taken from the campaign’s website, state that idling in NYC has been banned since 1972. To highlight the campaign Billboards with the “White Wedding” rocker have been posted up on 12 billboards across the city for $1 million.

The aim is hopefully to make motorists aware of the negative impact and bad effects of idling. The outcome of which hopes to expand enforcement of anti-idling laws and encourage individuals to make complaints of a citizen who is breaking the law.

A press conference was held outside New York City Hall last Thursday morning, with Mayor Bill De Blasio saying, “Billy Idol never idles and neither should you. It chokes our air, hurts the environment, and is bad for New York.

We’re sending a loud message with a Rebel Yell: turn off your engines or pay up.” Billy was encouraged to be the face behind the campaign telling reporters, “When I heard about this campaign it just made sense. It’s amusing but also very serious.”