BitTorrent Offers Grants To Aspiring Musicians


BitTorrent is now offering marketing and promotional grants of up to $100,000(€89,000) to aspiring artists and musicians.

‘The Discovery Fund’ will be offered to 25 applicants with budgets ranging from $2,500-$100,000. Those interested can apply at any time once their project is ready, the software company confirmed. In a blogpost, they said “We are looking for artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers and other creators working on uncompromised projects representing a diverse, original perspective seeking global distribution”.

Speaking of the new initative, Straith Schreder, VP of Creative Initatives said, “The rules are simple… You make something awesome. You own it. We back it, and help you find a global audience for your big idea”.

She also said “It’s about being able to, via a grant, explore new work across mediums… And understanding how to build content, how to build art for the Internet, and being able to back it”, reports. She continued to say that they are mostly looking for projects ready to run rather than just ideas.

BitTorrent isn’t expecting to keep the content as theirs either, a brief period of exclusivity will persist for up to 10 days for music and 30 days for video.

The initiative is international and open to all nationalities.


Photo Credit: CorporationTshirt