Blanchardstown Gym Owner Says No To Lockdown

Blanchardstown Gym Owner Says No To Lockdown
Blanchardstown Gym Owner Defies Lockdown

Level 5 restrictions that came into force at midnight last night hold no sway with one West Dublin gym owner. Simon Murphy, owner of Westide gym in Blanchardstown is keeping his premises open, he says, for his 1,300 existing customers.

Mr Murphy says that he took his decision on Monday night having heard what Taoiseach Micheál Martin had to say.

Level 5 restrictions, lasting for the next 6 weeks, mean that all swimming pools, lesure centres and gyms must remain closed. Mr Murphy, however, is choosing his own path.

“I believe that I can provide as safe as possible an environment for people to train in and I believe that this is an essential part of my members’ lives and that’s who I’m here to cater to.”

The gym owner cites the mental health of his members as a paramount reason for his choice to remain open. He claims that there has been only one conformed case of Covid-19 amongst his members.

Mr Murphy says that the gym’s employees are also on board with remaining open. He has given them the choice, he says, if they feel uncomfortable working in contravention of Level 5 regulations, they can stay at home and that their jobs will not be in danger.

It is, as yet, unclear how the regulations will be enforced in this case.