Bon Jovi’s David Bryan Tests Positive For Coronavirus


Bon Jovi’s keyboard man David Bryan has tested positive for Coronavirus.

“I just got my results back today and tested positive for Coronavirus. I’ve been sick for a week and feeling better each day. Please don’t be afraid!!! It’s the flu not the plague. I’ve have been quarantined for a week and will for another week. And when I feel better I’ll get tested again to make sure I’m free of this nasty virus. Please help out each other. This will be over soon. . . with the help of every American!!” he said on Instagram on Saturday.

A new Broadway musical co-written by David Bryan was in previews in New York before the pandemic shut down the city. Diana: A True Musical Story — based on the life of Princess Diana — was set to open on March 31st.

Also on Saturday, Chicago residents fought off Corona virus-mandated isolation by singing ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ from their windows and porches tonight, and Jon Bon Jovi was with them in spirit.

With the state of Illinois under a stay-at-home order in an effort to curb the spread of the potentially deadly virus, 8,300 Facebook users in the windy city pledged to attend the socially distant 7:00 PM event. Another 11,000 listed themselves as ‘interested.'”

Jon Bon Jovi posted a message of encouragement to the singers stating he would be singing along with them.

Bon Jovi will release its 15th album, titled, Bon Jovi 2020 on May 15th.