Bono Insists That Coldplay ‘Are Not A Rock Band’


U2 lead singer Bono has claimed that Coldplay should not be “judged” as a rock band by music fans.

Bono made these comments while speaking on the BBC Sounds eight-part series: Music Uncovered: The Genius Of Coldplay, which looks at the band’s rise with the help of fans and musicians alike, and other key people involved.

This series also includes clips from artists such as Griff and Stormzy, who speak about the the band’s impact on them.

Bono’s band U2 recently finished off their record breaking and history making residency the MSG Sphere at Las Vegas. More on that here.

“sort of sticks to you”

Speaking about Coldplay, and particularly their track ‘Clocks’, Bono had this to say.

“It just sort of sticks to you, tighter than time itself”, the singer said, who also recalls “punching the air in a manly but not aggressive way” when he first heard the hit song, “and then the feeling of, ‘oh, this is just better than anyone else’s song at the moment’”.

Bono added, “I should mention Coldplay are not a rock band. I hope that’s obvious. There is something much more interesting going on there like the Isley Brothers or something”.

“They should not be judged by rock rules… Rage is the river running under most rock formations. Coldplay’s music has a different source and I think it’s best revealed in this song ‘Clocks”. 

Speaking of U2, their bassist Adam Clayton and wife Mariana Teixeira de Carvalho announced plans to divorce last month.

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