Bonzos Drumming Young Fella Wonders What Uncle Robert’s On About..


Your name is Jason Bonham. You’re the drummer who filled in for dad when Led Zeppelin did that jaw dropping show in London back in 2007.. You can see Jason, Robert, Jimmy and JP all in action here.

But even YOU (Jason) are in the dark and wondering what Robert Plant meant, when on Aussie TV last week , spoke on the subject of a possible Led Zeppelin reunion tour.

Plant referred the subject to bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, saying, “You need to speak to the Capricorns … ‘cause I’ve got nothing to do in 2014.”


Have a look at Roberts bit on 60 Minutes Australia again here.

Anyway Jason seems a bit excited, writing, “I just watched Roberts interview , where he says he’s free in 2014 !!!!!! Not sure how to read it? What do you think?”

No Jason, what do YOU think. You’re more “IN” than we are.. Is there great things happening here??

Surely not, after Robert saying so many times he’s all for moving forward and not too interested in the past?

One thing is for sure. They’d (Led Zeppelin) have no trouble shifting tickets. 20 million people applied to witness the band’s first headline show in 27 years in London in ’07, but the gig was seen only by the 18,000  lucky basta… ticket holders who secured seats through a worldwide lottery.