Bowie Movie Going Off Broadway


Is there life off Broadway?

There’s certain to be now that David Bowie’s working on a new musical with an Irish playwright.

Enda Walsh is no stranger to working with big names. He’s the man behind The Walworth Farce: the play that sold out the Olympia in Dublin for weeks earlier this year and starred Brendan, Domhnall and Brian Gleeson. Walsh also adapted the musical Once for the stage – that was the movie that got Glen Hansard an Oscar for the song ‘Falling Slowly’.

Now Enda Walsh has teamed up with David Bowie and the pair are working together on a musical play, based on the classic 70s sci-fi where Bowie played an alien: The Man Who Fell To Earth.

Called ‘Lazarus’, this off-Broadway production is said to feature brand new music, as well as new arrangements of songs we already know.

But if you were hoping Bowie would be the Starman, bad news: the Thin, White Duke will not be appearing on stage.

‘Lazarus’ is due to début in New York before the end of this year.

Check out David Bowie as The Man Who Fell To Earth from 1976.