Boy George Speaks About Death Threats


Boy George spoke to Piers Morgan about the time in his life when he was receiving death threats.

He opened up on Morgan’s show Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, and spoke of how just before he was to do a show in Louisiana, USA with Culture Club in the 80’s he received some scary information.

“It was Halloween, and people called up and said they were gonna shoot me.” He said. “I was thinking, ‘I can’t cancel the gig so I’d better wear a bulletproof vest’.”

Still maintaining a solid sense of humour about the whole thing, Boy George then quipped ‘There was quite good security… And I moved around quick.’

This wasn’t the only time he faced difficulties and backlash during this period. He also told Morgan about the countries he was banned from entering, and revealed that many of his TV appearances were restricted.

“People didn’t want to interview me. They didn’t want to have me on kids’ shows – people reacted not so well to us being on Top Of The Pops.’

Morgan went on to question him about what he thought were the motivations behind this. Had it been because of sexuality or of his risqué public persona? George responded: “I think take your pick really.”