Brian May: Freddie Mercury Would Still Be With Queen If He Was Alive


Brian May believes that Freddie Mercury would still be playing with Queen if he was alive today. Mercury passed away from bronchial pneumonia caused by AIDS in 1991.

Speaking to Simon Mayo on Greatest Hits Radio, Queen guitarist, Brian May has said that Freddie would well and truly be part of the band if he was still alive today.

“He would still be saying ‘Oh I need to do my solo stuff’, but he would be coming back to the family to do what we do”, he said.

He added, “The funny thing is I feel more and more that he is kind of with us in a way, maybe I’m getting to be an old romantic, but Freddie is in my day every day”.

“He’s always in my thoughts and I can always feel what he’d say in a certain situation, oh what would Freddie think, ah he’d like this, he’d laugh at this or whatever”, he continued. “He’s so much part of the legacy we created, that will always be the case”. 

Freddie still had “A great life” – Brian May

Brian May said losing Freddie Mercury was like losing a “family member”. But the musician added that he does take solace in the fact that he had “a great life”. 

“You never finish grieving if you lose a family member, and Freddie was a family member, but you get to the point where you’re at peace and you think, My God the guy had a great life”, he revealed.

“We created wonderful stuff together that is still making people happy, and there’s an acceptance there and a joy that it all happened. How amazing that it all happened”. 

This echoes what May said back in April. The guitarist had said that it is difficult to celebrate Queen’s 50th anniversary without Freddie Mercury. More on that here. 

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