Brian May Shares Covid Battle Update “The Beast Is Still In My Body”


Having announced he had tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday, Brian May has shared a further update in his battle with the virus.

The Queen guitarist has called for people to behave sensibly “in the face of such pervasive pathogens”.

He has also urged people to take their vaccine when offered.

“I can’t emphasize to you enough: This is not the response my body would have made on its own,” he said. “It’s making this response because I’ve had three Pfizer jabs”.

May also added, “And I beg you and implore you to go get jabbed if you’re not already — ‘cause you need the help. I lost one of my very best friends to COVID very early on — in six days, it killed him. It could have done me the last six days, but it didn’t because of the jabs”. 

“the Beast”

Brian May recently shared an update on his battle with the infection. 

“It’s a reminder that the Beast is still in my body. I can still feel it, too. Congestion, snuffles, slightly dizzy head. And it’s not too late for the thing to kick back at me. But otherwise OK today. I wonder how long it will take me to get a negative result”, he said.

May also added that “nobody has yet been able to tell me which variant we all caught 10 days ago at that birthday lunch. Which has made me very suspicious of the accuracy of the daily stats on infections. But i’s a fair assumption that it was the Omicron chap”. 

Brian May also stated that a number of his well informed friends explained the science behind this Omicron variant, which they believe is “much better at propagating itself fast, but much less of a killer”.

May also added, “It seems (and this is not my idea) that Omicron is very good at procreating rapidly in our throats and sinuses – but for some unknown reason, not so successful at invading our lungs. So it spreads itself rapidly from person to person through our coughs and spluttering – but doesn’t threaten our lives by stopping us breathing”. 

“Cause for long term optimism”

Brian May feels that this leaves “real cause for optimism”.

He wrote, “If this is true, this is REAL cause for long term optimism. We are looking at an organism which is well on the road to becoming just another cold or flu germ to be dealt with as we have always done”. 

Adding, “It has to be said that this whole pandemic has taught us a thing or two as far as behaving sensibly in the face of such pervasive pathogens. Right? Stay home!”.