Brian May Sparks Concern Following Cryptic Post About His Health


Guitarist and songwriter for Queen, Brian May sparked concern amongst lifelong fans on Saturday night when the musician posted a pensive-looking photo on his Instagram accompanied by a cryptic caption.

In the photo Brian May is looking out over the water at a riverbank, his head down and his hands stuffed into the pockets of his winter coat against the cold weather. Below the image May wrote: “Who am I? Who can I be? Bri.”

Fan response to the post saw over 70,000 likes and thousands of comments on Instagram within the hour. Concerned fans reached out to May in the comments.

“U good brush?” asked one user called Cesar.

Carley echoed: “Are you okay Bri?”

Farrah also said: “Are you ok? This was deep.”

And Ari added: “Brian are you good??”

Concern for the singer’s health and well-being was justified by fans following a “truly horrible few days” for the musician when he was diagnosed with Covid last month. 

May went on record saying that he believed he had contracted the virus while out celebrating with his wife Anita Dobson for her birthday. 

In a video posted during May’s isolation with Covid he said: “We decided we would go to a birthday lunch, and we thought, well this is the last social function we would go to – not that we go to many anyway, we’ll chance it.

“Everybody’s going to be triple-jabbed, everybody’s going to be with one of these things [lateral flow test] which says you’ll be negative in the morning.”

May admitted to not wearing a mask during the gathering, claiming that he believed everyone in attendance was in his ‘bubble’ and therefore safe. 

While he assured fans that his symptoms were generally mild, he encouraged his followers to get vaccinated if they had not already done so. 

He said: “I can’t emphasise to you enough.

“This is not the response that my body would have made on its own. It’s making this response because I’ve had three Pfizer jabs.

“And I beg you, and implore you, to go and get jabbed if you’re not already. Because you need the help.”