EU Publishes First Draft Of Brexit Deal


The EU have published the first draft of the Brexit deal.

But not everyone is happy with it, with Theresa May saying no British Prime Minister could agree to the treaty. This is essentially the first draft of history, the political agreements reached before Christmas put into legal and EU treaty jargon.

But it was written by the EU, so naturally the British government have some problems with it.

Prime Minister Theresa May is not mincing her words. Mrs May says she couldn’t agree to a draft Brexit agreement drawn up by the European Commission. The part she’s referring to is a clause where in a worst case scenario, Northern Ireland would remain in an EU customs union post Brexit to avoid a hard border.

Theresa May says it would ‘threaten the constitutional integrity of the UK’.

EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier claims it’s needed. Tánaiste and Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney says they haven’t sprung any surprise on the British here. More will be thrashed out, with the next round of talks starting next week.

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