Broken America Where Women’s Bodies Are No Longer Their Own Rules Supreme Court

USA - Roe v Wade (Photo Mark Rightmire/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images)

The conservative-majority within the U.S. Supreme court has overturned the landmark ‘Roe v Wade‘ case from 1973, which granted women the right to terminate a pregnancy.

A reversal of this magnitude is practically unprecedented, andwill allow more than half of all US states to ban abortion.

The court’s decision will restrict a constitutional right generations of Americans have grown up taking for granted.

As a result of the reversal, states will again be permitted to ban or severely restrict abortion, altering freedoms of liberty, self-determination and personal autonomy.

Twenty-six states are expected to do so as soon as practicable. This will make abortion illegal across most of the south and midwest.

Democratic-led states such as California and New York moved in advance of a ruling by expanding reproductive rights in the run-up to the decision.

Even so, new abortion bans will make the US one of just four nations to roll back abortion rights since 1994, and by far the wealthiest and most influential nation to do so.

Thirteen states have abortion bans “triggered” by a reversal of Roe v Wade, though the laws vary in their enforcement dates.

The most effective protection against state abortion bans is a federal law, which would precede the states.

Public opinion favours such statute – 85% of Americans believe abortion should be legal in most or all circumstances.

Democrats would need to win landslide victories in the upcoming midterm elections.

However, despite the fact that popular opinion favours abortion rights, it is unclear how the midterms could be swayed by the issue.