Bus Crash Kills Guns N’ Roses Fan In Mexico


One person was killed and 29 injured after a bus crash in Mexico on Wednesday. The bus was carrying fans of Guns N’ Roses who were on their way to the band’s show.

They were en route to a Guns N’ Roses gig in Mexico City when the bus crashed on the highway connecting Mexico state and Querétaro.

The man who died from the crash was 35-year-old Mauricio Ballesteros Zamora, who died after suffering head trauma and internal injuries. Out of the 29 injured during the crash, three of them are said to be seriously injured.

It’s believed that the crash was caused due to the bus driver losing control of the bus as he was speeding on a wet runway. Guns N’ Rose have since released a statement about the incident.

The statement from the band reads as follows: “We in Guns N’ Roses are shocked and extremely saddened to hear of the horrifying bus crash en route to our Mexico City show yesterday. Our thoughts and hearts are with the family of Mauricio Ballesteros Zamora. We are so very sorry for your loss.We hope for a speedy recovery to the 29 other injured fans- God speed.”

Photo Credit: Laura Cox