CAB Issues Stategic Review Maintaining ‘Crime Shouldn’t Pay’


Prostitution, drug dealing, fraud, theft and cowboy tradesmen are just some of the illegal acts on the Criminal Assets Bureau’s radar.

The inter-agency body has published its strategic report, which outlines its aims, under the “Crime Shouldn’t Pay” motto.

It’s the first time that the group has made planning documents public, but all members remain anonymous for security reasons.

Currently, over 470 people from three arms of the State, including Gardaí and the Revenue Commissioners are working as Criminal Profilers.

Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond says the group is working to suffocate organisations that destroy communities.

“It is also to make sure you don’t allow criminals to expand their operations,” said Mr Richmond.

“That is why it is so important that we see CAB continue to work to really stamp out those organised criminals who heap absolute misery onto the streets of our capital every day.

“I really welcome this public strategic plan and more power to the officers involved going forward.”

The Department of Justice and Equality is inviting communities and members of the public to contribute to the development of a Strategy for the Criminal Justice System.

The purpose of the strategy is to set out a shared vision for a joined up criminal justice system, to embed and sustain collaborative work, to drive innovation leading to more effective solutions and sanctions, with better outcomes for the public.