RHCP’s Chad Smith Doesn’t Like Being Compared To Will Ferrell… Or Does He?


RHCP drummer Chad Smith was a good sport when a fan shouted ‘Will Ferrell’ at him at a recent gig. In response to the heckling, he jokingly stormed off stage at the Los Angeles Musicians Institute.

Smith and Ferrells resemblance is well-known, with the two having previously performed on The Tonight Show in 2014 wearing the same clothes. Of course, they had a drum battle which raised almost $500K for their charities respectively.

Smith replied to the heckles with shouting ‘SHUT UP!’ in a very Will Ferrell Step Brothers way.

He went on: “Listen, are you a musician? You’re a drummer? Why did you say that? Because you love me’, Smith told the fan. ‘You love me and go ‘Oh Will Ferrell!’ I’m not Will Ferrell, you idiot. Nah I’m just fucking with you. I don’t give a shit, I think it’s great! I’m f**king famous because of Will Ferrell. F**k that guy, right!”


It’s good to see that Smith can have a laugh after all that aggressive drumming!

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