Champagne Superanalysis: A Psychological Exploration Of The Oasis Brothers Announced


Actress Lena Dunham will apparently be hosting a “psychological exploration” of Liam and Noel Gallagher with Australian musician Ben Lee. The event, called Champagne Superanalysis, will take place in Los Angeles, as Lee told fans on Twitter last week. It’s been scheduled for Nov. 18.

Champagne Superanalysis was realised from an August Twitter exchange between Dunham and Lee, starting with Dunham’s tweet, “I watched the Oasis documentary and I have a LOT of big opinions about the Gallagher brothers’ relationship!”

Dunham was referring to the rock documentary Supersonic, which records the band’s rise to fame, as well as the endless on and off again feud between brothers Liam and Noel. Neither Liam or Noel have been confirmed to be participating in the event.

Ben Lee’s released a statement about the event, “What happens with @lenadunham and I join forces for a psychological exploration of the Gallagher brothers relationship? Let’s find out!”

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