Check Out Def Leppard & Tom Morello’s New Track ‘Just Like 73’


Def Leppard have released their new single, ‘Just Like 73’, featuring Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello.

The track which you can check out below, had been previously teased by Def Leppard on social media.

Last week, Def Leppard posted two hotline numbers on social media one for the UK, the other for the US, allowing fans access to a recorded message which contained a snippet of the track.

Lead singer Joe Elliot can also be heard singing in the background: “A stardust religion, It’s the end of days / I ride through the crazy on electric phase / A universal lust, it’s so crazy cool / So turn on to me, it’s time to light up the fuel”.

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“I had a blast” – Tom Morello On Working With Def Leppard

As mentioned, the track features Tom Morello, who revealed that he is a longtime fan of Def Leppard.

“I had a blast rocking a solo on “Just Like 73, I played “Rock Of Ages” in my college cover band almost 40 years ago and here Def Leppard are still killing it in stadiums with a brand new tune that’s one of their best”, he said in a press release.

This official video of this track featuring Morello arrives tomorrow, with the vinyl version arriving in August.