Check Out Paul Mescal In New Gladiator II Trailer


Following months of anticipation, the first official trailer for the upcoming epic Gladiator II, has been released.

The sequel to the original movie, will see Paul Mescal in the lead role as Lucius, son of Lucilla played by Connie Nielsen, as he fights to survive the tyrannical rile of general Aacius who is played by Pedro Pascal.

Elsewhere, Denzel Washington will also play arms dealer Marcinus in the film, who lives a lavish lifestyle, as he maintains a “stable” of gladiators for sport.

Check out the trailer for yourselves below.

Paul Mescal In Gladiator II Poster and Images 

The release of this trailer comes just 24 hours after the official poster for Gladiator II was released, with Paul Mescal featuring quite heavily. Check it out here.

This also comes just a week on from when the first images of Mescal from this Gladiator sequel were also shared.

In a previous interview, Paul Mescal said that his facial features were a perfect fit for the role as Lucius.

“My nose just is kind of Roman”, Mescal said. “So it’s useful in this context. The nose that I absolutely hated when I was in secondary school—and used to get ribbed for—became very, very useful when Ridley needed somebody to be in Gladiator II”. 

The original Gladiator which was also directed by Ridley Scott, also saw Russell Crowe win an Oscar for best actor.

However, in a recent interview, Crowe hit out the movie’s executives over their alleged lack of research over the original script.

The actor revealed that some of the executives from the original Gladiator did not even know who emperor Marcus Aurelius was, adding that he had to edit the “s*** script” with Scott.

“You’re reading it and going, oh, f*** off”, Crowe said. “My agent was like, ‘well, come on, convince yourself there’s something positive about it, because (Ridley) wants to meet you. It really wasn’t a script. It was just an idea. But not even a good idea”. 

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