Check Out The ‘Highway To Hell’ Cover AC/DC’s U.S. Label Turned Down


For the 40th anniversary of AC/DC’s classic 1979 record Highway to Hell, the band have been sharing rare content and gig footage from that album’s tour.

Now the rockers have revealed the record’s original artwork that Atlantic Records turned down!

Taking to Instagram the group shared the image to their feed, commenting that it was “‘shot down in flames’ by the US record label.”

As UCR points out that’s a cheeky reference to the track that kicks off the second side of the original album.


he photo is pretty much identical to the one that ended up on the released album. However, the group in this image are surrounded by flames and the neck of a bass guitar acts as a pathway into the burning den of inequity.

The logo also appears darker with a more significant border. In direct contrast to Atlantic’s misgivings, the band’s label in their native Australia, Albert Records, had no problem with it.

Check out the band’s Instagram post with the artwork below.

Highway to Hell was frontman’s Bon Scott’s last album with AC/DC. He was discovered dead in the backseat of a mate’s automobile. The rocker had died of acute alcohol poisoning, on Feb. 19th, 1980. He was replaced with lead singer Brian Johnson for Back in Black.

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