Children Reportedly Among Those Killed After Two Explosions Outside Kabul Airport

Credit: @BBCYaldaHakim

At least 13 people – including children – have died following an explosion at Kabul Airport in Afghanistan.

The US Pentagon says it happened near the Abbey Gate – where American and British forces have been stationed.

Initial reports suggest there were two explosions and gunfire. It comes after warnings of a possible terrorist attack by Islamic State militants.

Countries including Ireland have been trying to evacuate citizens and visa-holders still in Kabul.

Sky’s Stuart Ramsay says it’s likely to speed up the withdrawal of western troops:

The risk will not go away, it’ll actually increase. We already know that some countries had already said that the risk is too high and we’re withdrawing anyway. That could be the end of it. It is a hugely significant event because of that alone, days earlier than the expected withdrawal.”