City Council To Roll Out Loos, Bins & Dumpsters To Quell Littering & Urination

Dublin - Littering at St. Stephen's Green Archway - PA

Dublin City Council has reacted to public disquiet over the lack of essential services amid littering and public urination last weekend in several city spots, notably South William Street.

Its provide portaloos and additional bins in the city centre from this weekend.

The local authority was heavily criticised for not providing sufficient levels of suitable facilities for the hoards of revellers that gathered in the city centre last weekend.

150 portaloos, over 50 large bins and 80 barrel bins will be placed in high football areas.

The toilets will be open from 10am to 11pm daily in areas such as Smithfield, O’Connell Street and Dame Lane.

Dublin Lord Mayor and Green Party member Hazel Chu says the council deserve credit. ”Also I know this is an unpopular opinion but can I say a big thank you to @DubCityCouncil and all it’s staff. They do try and work very hard. And they get a lot of grief from us all (including me) and I wanted to just say thanks for listening.”