Clubbers Take To Button Factory Dance Floor In Pilot Event


For the first time since March 2020, clubbers took to the the dancefloor of a nightclub for the Button Factory’s Pilot nightlife event last night.

News of this event was first confirmed last month by Minister for Arts and Culture Catherine Martin.

“Night-time culture sees creativity burst into life in towns and cities. It is where we dance, sing, play music but also where audiences come together and sustain local economies and livelihoods. All that was put on pause during COVID-19″, Minister Martin said.

“This new report looks at ways to reignite the Night-Time Economy and culture, especially so given the devastating effects of the pandemic on live and arts events. But there is an opportunity to enrich our night-time life with new options. Positioning us alongside other countries where a myriad of offerings await patrons after dark”, she also added.

There is more from this report. Also check out the intiatives covered by the Night Time Economy Project here. 

The Event Itself

The sheer joy and excitement was there for all to see as crowds gathered outside the Temple Bar venue.

Only 450 people were allowed entry into the venue which is 60% of the Button Factory’s capacity. Although the noise levels would make you feel that there was double that.

Having been shut down for for almost two years, people were just thrilled to see a return of nightlife in Ireland, which will hopefully lead to further events and more clubs reopening and a light at the end of this tunnel.

Check this out below.

This is the closest Irish people have come to experiencing a night out clubbing since March 2020.

The organisers of this event also deserve a major patt on the back for the sheer dedication in putting this Covid friendly pilot event together.

After months and months of frustration, it appears that the industry has well and truly turned a corner. Fantastic to see!!