CMO Says Circuit-Breaker Lockdowns ON The Table As W-H-O Advocate Localised Lockdown

Holohan Concerned As Level 5 Gains Start To Slip

Circuit-breaker lockdowns that could slow the rate of Covid-19 caes can’t be ruled out amid the “concerning” growth of the virus.

The Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan admitted a recommendation for some restrictions simple can not be taken off the table.

He says vaccines are not as effective as had been hoped at stopping the spread of coronavirus:

They have performed and held up their performance really well in protecting people from the severe effects of the disease.

In truth then, they’re probably not performing as well as we might have hoped in terms of preventing transmission.”

Meanwhile parents are being advised to reduce their children’s activities over the remainder of the Halloween midterm.

The Deputy Dr. Ronan Glynn says trick or treating can still go ahead but reducing frequency needs to be considered:

We do need to take the basic precautions and if we do there’s no reason why we can’t do the normal things we usually do at Halloween.”

Over 4,300 cases were reported in children aged 5-12 in the two weeks to last Monday, compared to 2,900 over a similar period earlier this month.

Also its reported that Ireland may need local lockdowns if Covid cases continue to increase rapidly, according to the World Health Organisation.

The country’s seven-day moving average is over 2,000 cases, compared to just over 1,100 three weeks ago.

And 470 Covid patients were in public hospitals last night, up from 291 a month ago.

Dr David Nabarro, the W-H-O’s special envoy on Covid, says local restrictions could be needed if the trend continues – but not a national lockdown:

Well local basis I think is the approach I’d like to see used, you see if there is a big spike in cases and a very heavy burden on the health services in a particular location, that’s when some kind of localised movement restriction can be considered and I don’t see that as actually something to be worried about. I see that as the correct response to a surge in covid cases.”