Coldplay on Course for Their Ninth UK No 1 Album


Coldplay is about to top the UK charts for the ninth time in the band’s history as they debut their newest album, ‘Music of The Spheres’. If current trends continue the album is set to be the first record since Ed Sheeran’s ÷ in 2019 to surpass 100,000 chart sales in a single week.

Midweek charts show ‘Music of The Spheres’ having already sold a whopping 81,000 copies, making it 2021’s fastest selling UK album, a record previously held by Dave’s ‘We’re All Alone In This Together’. Coldplay’s album sales are likely to rocket the band to the top of the UK charts, even projected to surpass The Beatle’s reissue of ‘Let It Be’. 

In an interview with NME, Coldplay’s Chris Martin spoke about ‘Music of The Spheres’: “This album is our period of having no rules or fear about what people think or say about us,” Martin says. “We’ve already had all the good and bad reviews in the world and if we worry about the response, it makes you a little more cautious. There’s a part of you that has to accept that we’re an older band, we were never the new ‘cool young thing’… but in a strange way it’s quite liberating. There’s no pressure on us, we just get to do what we love.”

Martin went on to comment on the inspiration behind the album and it’s name: “It’s a set of songs located in a distant galaxy… that we made up… It’s where we can be totally free from any pressure of what we’ve done before and how we should sound. That freedom of location allows us to speak about what it means to be human. It seems a bit sci-fi and everything, but really it’s a bunch of love songs. It’s not even really set in space. It could all be set in Margate too; it just depends what the music videos and artworks look like – we could have dancing fish and chips salesmen instead…”